Have you ever thought about how your life would be if refrigerators were not invented? The history of these machines goes a long way back in time. In truth, its whole appearance is entirely different from what it is today.

For instance, in 500 B.C., these were called “ice houses,” wherein the community or family would store the ice they cut out from nearby rivers and lakes. Storage pits were a thing too in the past, and when the hunters return home with the meat to preserve, they’ll put it in these houses or pits.

These days, of course, you see the massive difference in the form of refrigerators, but the purpose remains the same. However, when water leaks from the fridge, does it necessarily mean you’re in big trouble? Here you’ll find out the three reasons why your fridge has leaks and what you can do to resolve them.

#1 Is the water line leaking?

As you guess correctly, most fridges do have an ice maker or water dispenser. What do these look like? Well, you can quickly notice these plastic tubes that are accessible from the back of the refrigerator and bring in the water.

How to check it? It’s relatively easy. You have to move the fridge and take a look at its back and see if there’s leaking from the tube. You may turn off the water or use a plumber’s tape to resolve the problem.

#2 What about the water filter?

Now, it’s a scenario that people who own a modern fridge would often find themselves in. When the water filter is outfitted, the probability of leakage from the refrigerator is high. As it is rigged, you’d expect that it’s the broken connection of the filter and fridge is the culprit.

Other reasons might be because the water filter is of the incorrect size, or it’s damaged, old and overused. Surely enough, it is not a significant problem that’ll require you to call in the experts as soon as possible. However, it is best to address it, replace the filter, or repair it to avoid puddles plaguing the kitchen, leading to accidents.

#3 Is the drain pan already cracked?

It is an ordinary and necessary rule to defrost the refrigerator. The process is easy to start and finish through the task. When you defrost, it’s essential to put all food and drinks outside of the fridge. As time passes by, the ice defrosts and melts into water.

The purpose of the drain pan is to get the accumulated water. If it’s split or has any cracks, then water will leak to the floor. True enough, as time does pass by, the water evaporates. Nonetheless, it’s wiser to watch out and check the drain pan for any damage when defrosting. Also, having a rug or mat near the fridge is a clever idea.

If you can’t find the real cause of the leakage, you can always contact a licensed emergency plumber in Marrickville through this website.