Did you know that there are multiple ways to reuse old pillows? Besides stuffing them, recycling them into pet beds, stuffing crafts, and even making yoga blocks from them, they can also be used in ways that would surprise you. Whether your pillow is old or new, there are ways around every obstacle to reuse it. In this blog, we’ll tell you about 5 creative ways to reuse old pillows.

Why Reuse Old Pillows?

There are many reasons to reuse old pillows, and they all have to do with the environment. For example, using old pillows saves energy because you’re not needlessly buying new ones every time you sleep. And, since you’re using an old pillow instead of sending it off to be recycled, you’re also helping reduce the amount of waste that’s created. This practice will encourage reusing habits and you can enjoy the benefits of recycling your cloth wastes.

Another reason to reuse old pillows is that they can help improve your sleep quality. Old pillows are typically softer than new ones, which means they’re more comfortable when you lie down on them. This is because your head and neck are supported in a more natural way.

Plus, when you reuse old pillows, you’re helping preserve the memory of loved ones who have passed away. By taking care of their old pillow and keeping it safe, you’re honoring their memories and letting them know that they’re still remembered and appreciated.

5 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Old Pillows

Here are 5 creative ways to reuse old pillows without damaging them or spending a lot of money.

  1. Transform your Old Pillow into Decorative Cushions

If you have an old pillow that is no longer being used, it can be easily turned into a decorative cushion by cutting the pillow in half and sewing the two pieces together. You could also just use a blanket to cover the cushioned section of your couch or bed. Either way, this quirky decoration will add some personality to your living space!

  1. Recycle Your Pillows as Stuffing for Craft Projects

A bag of old pillows can make great stuffing for crafts like homemade dolls or stuffed animals. Not only do they make great filler, but old pillows also have an extra layer of cushioning that can add stability to your projects.

  1. Make Pet Bed or Toy Out of It

If you have a couple of old pillows lying around the house, you could turn them into pet beds or toys by stuffing them with some soft materials like cotton balls and batting. This way, your furry friends can snuggle up in style!

  1. Use to Make a Natural Cleaning Pad for Dishes

Another unique use for an old pillow is as a natural cleaning pad for dishes. Just place it over your dish and use the fabric side to scrub dishes clean. This is a great way to avoid using chemicals in your kitchen!

  1. Repurpose into a Yoga Block or Seat

Finally, if you don’t have any other uses for an old pillow, you could always turn it into a yoga block or seat by cutting it in half and stuffing one piece with polyfill stuffing. This will provide support for your back while you practice yoga or sit down to watch TV.

How to Clean Old Pillows Before Reusing Them?

Pillows are one of the most commonly reused items in a home. Not only do they add comfort and aesthetic value, but they also tend to last a lot longer when they’re well-cleaned and prepared for reuse.

Here are some tips for cleaning and preparing your pillows for reuse:

  1. Remove all the stuffing and fluff it up using your hands.
  1. Wipe down the outer shell with a dry cloth or paper towel.
  1. If the pillow is made of cotton, spritz it with water and then wipe it down with a dry cloth or paper towel.
  1. If the pillow is made of polyester, follow the same steps as for cotton, but be sure to machine wash it on cold and air dry it before using.


While it can be hard to get rid of your old pillows, there’s no need to just throw them away. Instead of letting them stay in your home, you can use them to decorate new and inspiring spaces. Just remember not to use harmful substances when removing the stuffing and other materials from your old pillows!