The summer season is, for the homeowner, a prime opportunity for renovation. With the regular and assured dry weather, one is able to take on important tasks without the fear of being compromised by rain, among other typically interfering weather conditions. And, while many will want to clean their gutters and install a barbeque, there are also a number of renovations that can add value to a home too.

Even if you are not looking to improve your property’s value in time for a sale, there are still a number of benefits that are associated with increased property value and, should you wish to sell your home down the line, you’ll be pleased to see the return on your investment.

With that in mind, here are five of the most value-adding renovation projects that can ensure you get the most out of the summer season.

Paint A Facade

A home’s exterior, being subjected to the weather on a daily basis, is likely to deteriorate quickly. Since a facade underpins kerb appeal and has the potential to make a very positive first impression on potential buyers, it is worth ensuring it remains in good condition.

When you have the assured weather and, importantly, dry conditions, it is worthwhile to get a ladder and a paintbrush to give new life to your property. Potentially a new colour too!

Replace Windows

A significant part of house value and its market appeal is its EPC rating. Any work that can be done to improve this rating, even taking up a single letter, from C to B, is a worthy investment, which is why replacing and upgrading the windows of a home is a worthwhile endeavour. If a part of your property isn’t already double, or triple, glazed, speak to a specialist and see if replacing them might help your home’s comfort and value.

Garden Renovation

Gardens have quickly become a sought after luxury, especially those with room for luxurious assets like log cabins and summer houses, both of which offer great value as home office spaces. However, that is not to say that all gardens are innately appealing. If there is any potential upkeep or overgrowth, a property might actually lose value. As such, summertime is an ideal period to renovate one’s garden.

Pressure Washing

Some renovation projects aren’t expensive and pressure washing is one such task. Even those without their own pressure washer can hire one easily and for a low cost. Taking an afternoon to restore the vitality of a home’s outdoor space and exterior is an excellent way to add value to your home, eliminating any grime that might undermine your home’s presentation and quality.

Inspect The Roof

Climbing atop one’s roof and scrutinising each tile is not a job most take on regularly. However, if it is not done at least once a year, a home becomes vulnerable, especially during the winter when a lost or damaged tile can lead to a leak within the property. Even if there is no visible damage or maintenance to be done, still take a moment to get up close to your roof.