When you first start your bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel, we’re betting you spend many hours browsing Instagram and Pinterest to find ideas for your home improvement. You’ve likely seen marble or granite countertops, cabinets with coloured paint (so trendy right now) and luxurious shower heads. But did you notice the lighting? It’s easy to forget the lighting fixtures, yet they are among the least appreciated aspects of any home renovation. Stay tuned to learn more!

Well Thought-Out Lighting Makes Kitchens More Functional

If you consider your kitchen’s functionality, you’re likely thinking of custom cabinets, innovative storage options, and the latest kitchen appliances. However, a smart lighting system for your kitchen is useful and efficient. It creates a stunning ambience, and lighting under cabinets can illuminate the countertops, making food preparation more secure. The placement of the fixture also plays an important part in the lighting design.

Fluorescent lights will always lose to warm lighting

We at Meridian Construction always enjoy natural light; however, there are times when your bathroom or kitchen layout does not allow for windows or skylights. The second best feature is to light your bathroom or kitchen with warm light.

Although eco-friendly fluorescent bulbs have a bad rap as they are unflattering and harsh, they are available in warm tones right now! Soft, warmer lighting can best complement any kitchen or bathroom renovation. Warm light encourages peace and relaxation, whereas cool lighting can effectively benefit focus. Cool light is perfect for office use, while warm light is ideal for home use.

Home remodeling experts understand the significance of lighting when it comes to home remodels; with their expert insights into its influence on ambiance and functionality. From selecting fixtures for optimal placement to choosing appropriate types for different areas, these professionals ensure every corner of your home is beautifully illuminated.

Creative Lighting Makes a Room Feel Luxurious

You’ve thought of a clawfoot tub, wall-mounted bathroom, and maybe even heated tiles! But what do you envision feeling when you enter your new bathroom? How do you envision your bathroom feeling when you bathe or during your evening routine? The ability to create light in areas that aren’t normally lit will create the perfect ambience lighting.

What about a dimmable modern chandelier that is placed over the bathtub? How about lighting a distinctive floor tile with under-cabinet lighting that is motion-sensitive? Options like these can transform your home beyond “nice” to downright luxurious.

Accent Lighting Highlights Your Space’s New Design

You could have carved an opening in the wall to provide a special space for your cookbooks or a piece of art you brought home from Peru. Although you may need to put more effort into those most prized items, recess lighting and accent lighting could bring out beautiful architectural features such as niches, nooks, and crown moulding.

Like the under-cabinet lighting, as mentioned in #3, We love the way the lighting of crown moulding (also known as “cove lighting”) brings the eyes up. If you’ve just revamped the staircase in your home, you could also install lighting beneath to enhance the look of your new home.

Just Lighting: Lighting as Decor

As you may know, overhead lighting is an essential aspect of interior decoration. However, homeowners often overlook bathroom and kitchen overhead lighting fixtures when planning a remodel. A professional general contractor should remind you that overhead lighting, such as chandeliers, pendant lights, or pendants, could add extra flair to a remodel. Make sure the lighting you select is in harmony with your decor.