Be it a traditional home or a contemporary home, the doors you select should be in perfect alignment with the other aesthetics of the building. 

You might have designed the entire home by paying full care and attention. All the details have been taken care of in the minutest detail. But the design and beauty of the front door is a major decision you should take in consultation with the architects and contractor. 

It is necessary that you be vigilant while selecting the front door design and material.

This is because an entrance door or front door, as some might call it, is the face of your house. If the design of the front door has failed, then half the beauty of the house is compromised. 

To avoid such situations, it is always best to select the front doors from the best company. The portes d’entrée Inter Québec is one such prime example since they sell some of the most superior quality products in Canada.

Besides, the major share of the quality of a door is not dependent on the looks. This is one fact you should be aware of while selecting entrance doors. 

The material selection for your front door is a crucial factor in the construction of a house. Earlier, the most commonly used door material was wood. But with the advancement in technology and increase in the logistics and supply chain of raw materials, the most common material for doors today is stainless steel hybrid doors. 

The advantages of stainless steel over wooden doors are given below:

  1. A stainless steel door is more rigid than a wooden door.
  2. The safety quotient of a house is proportionately increased while using stainless steel hybrid doors.
  3. The design variables that can be brought about in a stainless steel hybrid door are way higher than wooden doors.
  4. The expansion and contraction rate of wooden doors during adverse climate change is very high. But in the case of stainless steel doors, the expansion component is almost nullified.
  5. A steel door is not susceptible to termites and other pests. Durability is longer than wooden doors.
  6. The steel doors can be blended with other materials like PVC and Glass to maintain superior quality, unlike wooden doors that require heavy craftsmanship for material blending.

These are some of the advantages of steel hybrid doors over wooden doors. The most important thing to remember while selecting the stainless steel door is that using ball-bearing hinges can increase the life of the hinges to a great extent.