Many people enjoy the summer days, but they don’t want heat creeping into their work space or living space. Are you worried that your home isn’t cooling down as it should? Have you noticed a hissing sound or your room not cooling off the way it has to be, the reason behind this could be AC refrigerant leakage. You may have seen ice accumulating on the evaporator coils. Never ignore these signs because they are the signs of an AC refrigerant leak.

AC Refrigerant

AC refrigerant is commonly known as coolant or refrigerant. This substance is used in refrigerator systems and AC systems for transferring heat and cooling the air. It plays a very important role in the process of cooling down the area by absorbing the heat from the surrounding area. As a result, that area gets cool down.

When you observe any signs of AC refrigerant leakage, contact a good AC repair professional. Hire someone who has good experience in the field of AC repair. If you do not have any idea about these professionals, here is a quick suggestion for you to save your time. You could contact the team of Fry Heating and Cooling for a quick solution.  They have the best team, who works with utmost dedication to resolve your issue. Upon receiving your request, they will reach your address in no time. Keep reading to know about the signs of AC refrigerant leaks in detail.

  • Hissing Sound: Any cracks or holes in the refrigerant circulating coils can cause AC refrigerant leakage. The hissing sound indicates other problems too. If the leakage is more, the sound would be more. In fact, severe leakage problem generally produces gurgling noises.
  • Low Cooling Power: The main job of the refrigerant is to absorb the heat inside your room and release the same outside. If the levels of the refrigerant are disturbed, it can take longer than usual for cooling your room.
  • No Cool Air From Vents: If you observe the air less cool than the one it has to be ideally, it can indicate the AC refrigerant leakage. Call the expert to know what is the exact problem.
  • Inadequate Refrigerant: If there is inadequate refrigerant flowing through the coils, they won’t be able to absorb the heat. This results in ice on the coils sometimes. Even though this problem is not so serious, it can cause system breakdown. To fix this kind of problem, it can cost you more. Hence, you must immediately contact an expert.
  • High Electricity Bills: If you see a sudden increase in your electricity bills, it can be because of AC refrigerant leakage. When it takes longer to cool the room, more electricity is used.

To avoid air conditioner issues, hire regular maintenance services. With AC maintenance services, you will be able to maintain your AC in good condition in the longer run, and this helps you to save money in the long run.

Call an AC repair expert now for a quick solution to your heating and air conditioning problems!