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Looking to go all out on your kitchen renovation? If so then we have got a selection of some of the finest tap and kitchen sinks designers on the planet for you. The best approach to getting high quality items for your kitchen is to first browse online to check out some of the best style choices, and then go see them in person to ensure that they are perfect for what you want. To give you some inspiration as to where to look, here are the best designers that you should be checking out right now. 


Piazza are experts in kitchen design and they have created some unique designs for the kitchen that consist of chic colors and sleek style. The company produces both taps and sinks and they have put together a kitchen tap and sink package that work perfectly with each other. Piazza likes to use colors such as gold and brass and pay particular attention to those functional details that we all need in the kitchen. No matter if you are looking for mixers, traditional taps, double or single bowl sinks, this team has put together some outstanding pieces for you to consider. 


Continuing on the luxury theme we also have BS1 who design kitchen sinks and taps that are going to blow you away. The ethos of this company is that your sinks and taps should be every bit as stylish as they are functional, and these pieces are so impressive that they will become a talking point in the kitchen. Single and double bowl sinks feature rectangular designs with curved edges for function and fashion, and they love to play with colors such as black pearl and ‘Eureka gold’. This is a designer that we would say produces affordable luxury. 


Gessi have really made a name for themselves as a company that produces some of the finest looking kitchen mixers that there are. Using brushed and raw chrome for so many of their designs, the functionality of their taps are absolutely outstanding. Something that few remember is that Gessi actually began life as sink makers, and this is very much their bread and butter. Combining those sleek and long mixer taps with an immaculately designed and durable Gessi sink is a great way to elevate the overall style and appearance of your kitchen. 


Officine brings us the playful side of design for kitchen taps and sinks, and they are a wonderful addition to any modern kitchen. Little touches of unnecessary color or style features that nobody else has considered is how this company plies its trade and their designs provide a welcome relief to the kitchen design market. The price is considered mid-range and even if you are shelling out a little extra, you are very much paying for some of the hottest styles on the market. 

These are the designers to consider when you are looking for kitchen sinks and taps for your renovation.