CCTV drain surveys use a camera system to examine and determine the condition of drains and sewers. This camera system records video and information when inspecting and surveying sewers, underground drains, and other drainage systems.

The London CCTV drain survey uses the camera equipment to inspect soil stacks, piping systems, barrels, ducting, and horizontal chutes.

Camera Systems For CCTV Drainage Surveys

CCTV Cameras For Robotic Crawlers

The pipe diameter must be between 150 mm and 2000 mm to accommodate these. The cameras are equipped with LED lights and can record HD quality video. CCTV survey vans are used to control the cameras. Cameras mounted on the crawlers can film in various angles due to the rotating head

Drainage CCTV Cameras With A Push Button

Robot crawlers cannot reach small diameter pipes, so these are used instead. An extendable rod attached to a portable reel has miniature cameras and LED lights.

There are several types of CCTV drain surveys.

  • Blockages in Drains and Sewers: Used to assess the best way to get rid of clogged pipes and to determine why they are clogged
  • An inspection of the drains and sewers: This method does not fully record the drainage survey. This method saves time and money.
  • Alert you in future problems: A CCTV drain survey gives you an estimated health score of your drainage system. It will help you keep an eye on your drain system and save your money in the future. 

The London CCTV Drain Survey Uses What Type Of Equipment?

  • Providing HD quality recordings with waterproof cameras
  • In narrow pipes, flexible pathways are used to go around bends and get images in tiny spaces.
  • The sonar can inspect pipe conditions that are difficult to view.
  • With crawlers, you can see and move around rapidly from various angles.

There are several advantages to conducting a CCTV drain survey in London.

  • By using CCTV, we can identify what exactly the problem is easy. Plumbing service technicians can see what’s happening in the drains and pipes, etc., with the help of cameras attached to the unit, which can be used to diagnose problems faster.
  • Having plumbers visit continuously to diagnose the problem is more costly and less effective than this method.
  • Also, an electronic device can travel through pipes and drains to find the problem rather than simply sending a plumber to see it, so it is quicker to determine a problem.
  • As a result of their ability to diagnose and locate problems without interfering with normal work processes, they also checked all the blockage and broken pipes under the house or home. 
  • In addition to checking and analyzing all the drainage systems and everything when buying a new property, it is more useful for your home. 
  • By looking at the drainage systems from the outside, it is clearer what the problem is.
  • CCTV drain surveys are widely used in London because they offer numerous benefits, including the ability to diagnose and treat problems quickly to prevent further damage.