Winter can be a tough time for pool owners. Closing the pool does cut down on maintenance, but cold weather and potential problems can still be a headache. Luckily, many common issues with winterized pools can be prevented or fixed more easily than you might think. Here’s a look at some typical winter pool problems and how to handle them, keeping your pool in good shape during the off-season.

1. Cover Failure

Keeping your pool covered in winter is crucial. Winter and safety covers keep out debris, but if they fail, you’ll face a big cleanup in spring. Damage can happen from wear and tear or something like a tree branch falling on it. Tears can let in debris and sunlight, which promotes algae growth. If a cover sags under the weight of snow, rainwater, or leaks into the pool, it could collapse into the water. Here are ways to avoid and address these issues:

2. Freeze Damage

Freezing temperatures can wreck your pool’s plumbing. Water expands when it freezes, which can burst pipes and break equipment if water is left inside. This can lead to costly repairs. Follow these tips to keep your pool safe from freezing damage.

3. Algae Growth

Even after winterizing, it’s important to check your pool water to ensure it has enough sanitizer to stop algae from growing. Starting spring with an algae-filled pool is a headache. To keep your pool healthy through winter:

  • Use a quality winter algaecide after closing.
  • Check under the cover each month for debris or algae.
  • Test the water every two weeks if the temperature is between 60°F and 70°F, or monthly if below 60°F. Don’t worry about testing if the pool is frozen.

4. Hidden Leaks

A small leak in your winterized pool can quickly turn into a big problem. Losing water can stress the pool cover, causing tears or even collapse. And the longer a leak goes unnoticed, the worse the damage can get. Severe leaks can even cause a pool to pop out of the ground from erosion and pressure on saturated soil.

By staying on top of these common winter pool problems, you can help ensure your pool stays in good shape, ready for fun when warmer weather returns.

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