Do you want to enhance the appeal of your backyard? Installing a pergola in your outdoor space is sure to increase its charm. It is an excellent piece of furniture that provides shelter to your garden or shade to your outdoor space. The good news is that pergolas are available in lots of styles and materials. To increase your backyard’s appeal, you should need to consider different types of pergola materials. Read on to get your hands on some durable and affordable pergola materials;

  1. Wood

The most affordable and common material for pergolas is wood. It adds a natural yet elegant look to your outdoor space. Wooden pergolas are easy to construct. Once constructed, you can paint these pergolas with a colour that offers a natural look and matches your outdoor area. Though wood is the cheapest material, it is naturally affected by certain weather elements with time. Moreover, you may need to re-stain or repaint it every few hours to keep it safe from being damaged by pests and rot.

  • Vinyl

Another common material used for pergolas after the wood is vinyl. However it is quite expensive than wood, it can hold all weather conditions such as rain and high winds. This reason makes vinyl the best material for pergolas. Another biggest advantage of having vinyl pergolas is that they don’t need as much maintenance as wood requires. The material is highly resistant to fading, chipping, and peeling. The only care you need to do is to pressure wash these pergolas occasionally to keep them maintained and cleaned.

  • Aluminum

If you’re looking for a modern pergola, going with an aluminium-based pergola is a more budget-friendly option. The nonporous space of this material can withstand almost all types of weather conditions. Moreover, it requires only little maintenance. You can also install aluminium pergolas on your own because the frames and beams of this material are extremely lightweight.

  • Steel

If you are concerned about your budget, then you can go with steel because it is cheaper than aluminium but keep in mind it’s not as durable. Another downside of having steel pergolas in your home is that they can rust after prolonged exposure to humidity and rain. So you need to take care of rust protection precautions.  

  • Fiberglass

Fibreglass is considered the best material for pergolas because of three main features; low-maintenance, weather-resistant, and long-lasting. Moreover, this material can hold any type of paint well so you can paint it in your favourite colours. Fibreglass does not require regular cleaning and maintenance because it won’t corrode or rust. No doubt, it is the most convenient material option for a pergola, but keep in mind it is not cheaper than other options. You may need to spend more money to have this fantastic material.

Now that you know the different types of pergola materials, you have probably been thinking about which one you should choose. Well, all it depends upon your budget and requirements. Fibreglass pergola is the best choice to opt for among others.