Since water is the number one essential in a home, getting water leaks in a home is a common occurrence. When a repair is needed for your house, it is essential to get a good contractor, in this case, an excellent waterproof company, to prevent more leaks and to need repairs later for the same place. Here is what you should look for if you want to hire a waterproofing company;

Is the company licensed

An important aspect to look out for in a company that you are interested in working with is checking if they are licensed. A licensed company tends to give better services since they have been vetted and approved by the government. Another aspect you might want to check while checking the licensing is if the company is insured and bonded. It will reduce any problems that might arise with the local authority. If the company is insured and bonded, then any damages and risks that might arise while they are at work, then there is surety of payment.


The specialisation of basement waterproofing and any other type of waterproofing is something to look out for a while looking for a company to work with. Getting a reputable waterproofing company will ensure that you get your repairs done excellently and professionally, guaranteeing that you don’t get the same problem twice.

While looking at what the company specialises in more, looking at how long the company has been at work is essential since a company that has been in business for extended means can work on various houses. Many years of work include more work experience; hence there might be no need to worry about how big your problem might be. If the company has been in operation for a long time, it might mean that customers trust and come back as they bring in more customers.

Equipment and infrastructure

The company you settle on working with should have the necessary infrastructure to complete the work. You might come across waterproofing companies with just a few equipment and staff that might lead to a lot of time wasted in trying to work with what they have. A company with suitable equipment and staff has an assurance of quality and reliable results.


It is easy to access company reviews online, and this would offer a great guide on what type of company and services they offer. Most companies might put up a good word for themselves on their websites but do not offer the amount of work they promise. It is essential to check for reviews and, if possible, talk to people that have worked with the company to get first-hand information on the company’s work.

Take home

To get a detailed and good experience with a waterproofing company, it is essential to check at all aspects to ensure that you get an experienced company that will do a complete job and prevent leaking from happening again hence saving you from using more money and time in the future.