Tiles date back to many thousand years. These are a primitive way of making your space look luxurious. With time, their designs have evolved and now homeowners are preferring tiles over other options. But how does one start planning to buy these tiles? With our guide here, things will get easier for you. 

How to choose high-quality tiles? 

You can definitely choose the tiles available in lower price range and this does not necessarily mean they are of low quality. If the prices vary massively, then you must check on their manufacturing. To know if the quality of your chosen tile is good, order certain samples for yourself before taking the final call. If you have ordered samples in solid colors, they must be free of marking, scratches, chipping or dimples. Some tiles might also have rectified edges. This will ensure right installation as they can be placed close to each other. But you must check out that the tiles do not have bumps or protrusions. 

The tile colors and types

There are over 150 types of tiles available and this makes it easier for homeowners to choose the best ones. There are colors ranging in greys, blacks, browns, whites or natural tones. One can also get the rustic and classic shades which are in trend today. You can also pick some in the split-face types. 

The tile sizes

The size of the tiles is very predictable. They are available in the size range of 300mmx300mm to 600mmx1200mm. There are multiple other options that lie within this range specifically. The plank-like orientations of the tiles lie in the dimensions of 248mmx1000mm. These authentically replicate the wooden flooring designs. These tiles come with anti-slip feature and you might also get them in the matte finish. Hence, they are absolutely perfect for the washrooms. 

Using grout with tiles

There are multiple types of porcelain tiles available in the stores. If you want them to stick to just one style of grout, there will be no value addition to your space; it won’t stand out. But to your relief, there many varieties of grout available today. You can use the colored ones to create patterned tiles and make an impact. These can also be used to make unblemished styles. 

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