Rats are continuously on the lookout for a safe and warm environment, ideally one with an endless source of food and water. Most homeowners are worried about How to stop rats climbing drain pipes? A broken line in the drain is the perfect option for most rodents. Even if no cracks are present in the drain pipes, rats can readily climb them. On the other end of the spectrum, municipal governments do not properly secure most drainage systems, are poorly maintained, or are just outdated, allowing rats to slip through.

How To Stop Rats Climbing Drain Pipes?

  • Flush The Toilet

If you notice rats in toilet, the first thing you would think of is to flush it and shut the toilet’s lid. However, these rodents can swim underwater, and thus the flushing procedure will be ineffective, returning the animal to the sewage system. The rat will reappear at some point in time.

Pouring bleach in the toilet bowl is the most severe method you can deploy. Consider the following scenario: a dead rodent is trapped in the drain line, stinking. This could suffocate both the rodent and the tree roots. The dead creature could clog the drainage system, forcing you to hire a pest control company to remove it, which you’ll agree is a difficult task.

  • Make Your Drainage Watertight

If the drainage pipes are damaged for any reason, plug the fractures and holes, and this will keep rats out. Still, checking the entire pipe could be difficult, and you’d need to enlist the assistance of a plumber.

  • Set Up The Rat Cages

Rat cages are a cost-effective and highly successful way of getting rid of rats in the toilet. These cages are typically connected to the discharge stack and shut the entrance to your bathroom where the animals used to enter.

  • Cover Drain Pipes With Rat Guards.

Drainpipe guards come in a variety of designs and sizes. In most cases, you can install rat blockers for drains, specifically in the vertical discharge pipes, and rats will not access your bathroom if you use this blocker. You can opt for metal grids, drainpipes with coverings, or pipes with a fined inner section to protect the drainage stack.

  • Install Flap Blockers For Rats

Drain flap blockers are flap blockers specifically for rats. They are built for drains. In practice, these valves are mainly one-way valves. These ensure unhindered water and waste movement within the pipe while simultaneously preventing rats from opening the flap from the outer section. PVC, iron, and clay drainage systems are ideal for rat flap blockers. You can place this barrier between your home and the sewage system. 

Now that you know how to stop rats climbing drain pipes, it is time you start taking precautions to keep rats away from your toilet. Even if you haven’t observed rats in the bathroom, you should follow the abovementioned advice. If you detect rodents, employ rat guards in the drain pipes. Alternatively, you can call a professional plumber or pest control services for assistance in keeping them out of your home.