Many of you have been asking us recently about Colorbond sheds, and specifically how long they could potentially last. As any readers out there will be aware, we love this shed type and often discuss the benefits which it can deliver. There are of course a large majority of options for you if creating your own custom shed, but today we will be focusing solely on the Colorbond shed.

Here then is a little more about colorbond sheds and what kind of durability you can expect from them.

What is a Colorbond Shed?

Simply put a Colorbond shed is a metal shed, something which more designers of custom sheds are looking to. The traditional timber shed may look great, but there is so much more that a metal shed can provide in terms of durability, maintenance, security, and cost. Colorbond however is not just any metal shed, it is a specially designed steel that has been created for use in some of the harshest conditions.

Basics of Colorbond Durability

The reason why Colorbond sheds are some of the hardest-wearing on the market is that this is what they have been designed for. This steel has been created with 5 individual layers, which is what ensures that it can withstand just about anything that the elements can throw at it. Not only is the product and its 5 layers of protection rigorously tested, but it is also coated with a leading corrosion resistance product. As if this wasn’t enough, the steel is then hit with a pre-treatment primer and a topcoat which is baked on for extra protection.

So How Long Will It Last?

The first indicator that this is a seriously long-lasting material, is the fact that the manufacturers of the product give you a 20-year warranty. In most cases, however, we see Colorbond sheds offering around 25 years of life, which is far more than any timber on the market can offer you. It is this reason why so many love to invest in this material when they are looking to build or design a new shed for their property.

What Can You Do?

As with any kind of material which you use on custom sheds, it is critical that the owner of the shed takes the time and effort to keep the shed in good shape. A big draw of Colorbond is that it doesn’t need much by way of maintenance, to stay looking good for years to come. With this being said, however, owners will still need to invest time in maintaining this shed material. All that is required however is regular washing of the material with soap and water. There is no need for repainting or adding primers to this material. Such is the simplicity of keeping the material looking great, there is no excuse for owners not to have a long-lasting and great-looking shed.

Any more information that you need about Colorbond, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here or speak to your nearest Colorbond shed supplier.