While the installation of new bathroom fixtures, fittings and accessories will undoubtedly be an exciting time, the planning and execution of which bathroom supplies you include in your bathroom space can require a lot of thought in order to bring your vision to life. Pulling off a successful remodel or renovation isn’t only about choosing the right accessories and fixtures that complement the space; it also requires strategy, accurate budgeting and the ability to keep your expectations in check. This article will go over some tips and strategies you can use to help you choose the right bathroom supplies that fit your space perfectly. 

Think About Who Will be Using the Space

In order to choose the most suitable bathroom supplies that not only fit the space best, but also have the most functionality, it’s important to consider who will be using the space. For instance, the appropriate accessories, supplies and fixtures for two adults will differ greatly to those for a family with multiple children. Pets should also be a consideration at this stage. If you have a large dog in your home that requires occasional bathing, it may make sense to install a bathtub that’s big enough to accommodate them. Of course, you would then also have the benefit of having a large bathtub to use for your own relaxation and self-care. 

The decision of what to include or leave out of your bathroom will be complex and different for every situation, so it’s important to allow yourself enough time to consider the full picture of your situation before making any moves. 

Consider the Space Itself

The main determining factor of which bathroom supplies will fit your space best will be how big or small the space itself is. That’s not to say that a particularly smaller space will be excluded from having features or fixtures that are more easily housed in larger bathrooms, but you may have to be more creative about how you implement these features. 

Similarly, in a larger bathroom, you’ll need to consider how to capitalise on the space fully without making it feel too cramped. Considering the space will also help you narrow down the types of fixtures and fittings you implement, which can streamline your decision making. There will be obvious compromises you’ll have to make and certain bathroom supplies that simply won’t be suitable depending on space constraints. 

Look At Other Bathroom Layouts for Inspiration

If you’re struggling to figure out the right configuration for bathroom supplies in your bathroom, feel free to get some inspiration by looking at the bathroom layouts of others online. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are full of bathroom inspiration pictures that you can use to help you make some critical decisions about how your own bathroom should look and feel. You’ll also be able to appropriate any creative or genius bathroom hacks you see online for your own bathroom, helping you to create the bathroom you’ve always wanted.