Windows complement the front door and curb appeal of your house. But, a single wrong move can throw off the entire architectural aesthetics of your home.

Deciding on the design of the windows is a cosmetic and functional choice for your home. Windows can dramatically add to the exterior appeal of your home. So this shouldn’t be a spur-of-the-moment choice.

Interior or exterior windows should complement your interior or front door as well as the overall architectural style of your home. Read this post to figure out which type of windows you should invest in for your home.

Here are five things to consider before you change your home’s windows:

#1 Architectural Style of Your Home

Like every home, your home will have an architectural design that sets it apart. Choosing windows that reflect the design aesthetics of your home is the stepping stone for replacing windows.

Whether you have a contemporary house featuring floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows or a modern house with classic mullions, let the architectural style of your home guide you.

#2 Purpose of Your Windows

There’s no comfort greater than sitting on your couch one fine morning, sipping coffee and taking in the beauty of the outside view. But what if your windows don’t serve that purpose?

While the windows are used to let the light in, they can also be used as a doorway. For example, a sliding glass window can serve the purpose of a door to access the porch. You can also use windows as an ornamental fixture for aesthetics.

Consider the location of windows such as bedroom, pantry or closet. Also, asking yourself whether light more important to brighten up dark spaces or views is essential. The answers will guide you!

#3 Window Frames Color

Do you like being bold, or do you prefer playing safe? Your choice can be made easier if you look at neighborhood homes. You’d get an idea of whether you like what’s present or you’d like to stand out.

You can pick a trim color for your home and choose the same for window frames. Many homeowners go for two accent colors and one field color – one for window frames, garage and doorway and one for the trim.

Pick pre-determined color palettes. Or maybe not! Go bold and paint with a personalized touch.

#4 Ventilation and Fresh Air

The most basic purpose of windows is to ensure ventilation. They allow the flow of fresh air in your house. Many homes have operable windows that can open or close. Other types of windows are fixed that are used in expansive rooms.

A combination of both can keep the flow of air while maintaining the aesthetics offered by large fixed glass windows.

#5 Sun’s Orientation

This is an important decision in choosing doors and windows for your home. Consult an architect to determine the sun’s orientation. They’ll guide you on how your house sits based on sunrise and sunset. Depending on your geographical location, you can work out late sunlight in your living room and bedroom.

Invest in Steel Doors and Windows

Installing steel doors and windows can complement the interior and exterior look of your home. Here’s why you should install steel windows for your Texas home:

Stunning Statement

Apart from the aforementioned things to consider before purchasing windows, you should also consider the style and design of the windows. Exterior steel windows can instantly create architectural interest and revamp the curb appeal of your house.

You can choose from a variety of steel frames, colors, designs and shapes. While black steel frames are commonplace, pick neutral or white toned frames for a minimalist touch.

Spruce Up Property Value

Steel windows can spruce up the value of your home. If you remodel your house or renovate the interior, every change should add value to your property in the long run.

Luckily, steel windows accompanied by steel doors can increase the value of your house. Steel windows offer an innovative and stylish solution to your renovation and remodeling project.

You can get customized windows with clear glass, rain effects, and frosted glass, a ribbed or tinted glass of your choice. It all depends on your taste and needs.

Read to find out how to choose the right steel windows and doors for your Texas home.

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