The couch that you place in your sitting area or in a lounge serves multiple purposes sometimes it becomes your bed, your pet haven or playground, and occasionally your dining table.

The couch provides comfort to you during your leisure time left with stains, dirt, and unseen germs like bacteria, mites, and microbes.

After spending a lot of time on it don’t you think it’s high time to clean the couch upholstery?

There are certain ways to clean couch upholstery which I am mentioning below in order to give it a nice tidy and neat look.


The question which pops up in your mind that what sort of code I am referring to here, so to bring to your notice let me give you some information about these codes. At the beginning of 1969, the manufacturer of furniture started putting or placing tags on the sofa to inform people about the fabric sensitivity or guide buyers about the cleaning of upholstery so that they can clean it in a safer manner.


If you find code W on your tag it means you can clean your sofa upholstery with water-based cleaning solvents.


If you find code W-S on the tag of your couch upholstery it means you can clean it either with a water-based cleaning agent or with a solvent-based cleaning product.


If you find code S on the tag it means that you can clean your sofa upholstery with a water-free solvent or dry clean only, to remove soil and stains.

While cleaning place your sofa in well- a ventilated area, away from candles or a fireplace.


Code X means avoiding all types of cleaning agents. Clean it only by vacuuming or by hiring experts.

If you clean code X products with any sort of cleaning agent it will cause staining and shrinking of the fabric.

In case there is no tag placed on your sofa or you fail to find a tag of cleaning instructions then do some testing prior to cleaning upholstery on an unnoticeable area to find the reaction of cleaning agents.


 Properly vacuum the couch, vacuum the sides, bottom and cushions. This is the best way to maintain the cleanliness of your comfy couch. You should vacuum the couch with a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner on alternate days.


Always treat the stain instantly, blot the spill instead of rubbing it as it spreads down to the couch cotton.


Prepare washing solution by mixing one-fourth of dishwashing liquid and one cup of hot water. To create some suds whisk it well. Dip the sponge and place it on the stain. Now rinse the solution and dry the couch.


For general cleaning always use a diluted solution, mix 1 teaspoon of cleaning agent with 1 gallon of water.

Dip the sponge into the mixture clean the small area first for detail cleaning, avoid the drainage of water on the metal areas, such as frames, buttons, and legs. This will cause rusting of metal areas.