Whether you are a casual or frequent drinker, learning how to store wine is essential. The correct storage helps to improve the wine’s taste, and you can only achieve this using a wine rack. 

Before storing wine, the first thing to know is that most of the wine in the market should not be aged or cellared. 

Remember, wine can last for years and increases in value with time. Let us dive right into how to store wine.

  • Avoid Direct Sunlight 

The sun oxidizes amino acids, changing the wine’s flavor. It will help to store wine away from direct sunlight. Wines also get funny smells after being held in the sun since ultraviolet rays make it light struck. 

Also, avoid storing white wine in clear bottles because the direct sun makes the glass offer less protection than darker bottles. Also, remember that incandescent light can also affect the wine’s integrity. 

The main takeaway is that you should store wine in a dry and dark place to preserve its taste. Kindly wrap the bottle in a cloth lightly; suppose you cannot keep it away from light completely. 

  • Store It at A constant Humidity and Temperature 

An essential tip to remember when storing wine is to do it at the right temperature and humidity. It is advisable to keep the wine in temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees. Avoid temperatures above 70 degrees since they can destroy the wine. 

The humidity level should be around 70 percent to prevent dried corks. Even though it is essential to use the correct environment, you should also consider keeping the air quality constant. Avoid fluctuating temperatures from cooling and heating systems. A continuous environment means the wine will have a longer lifespan. 

  • Avoid Storing in Upright Positions 

Most people find it convenient to save space by standing bottles above their cupboard, but it is advisable to store wine on the side, especially if it has a cork. Holding the pin upright can make it dry out, causing an oxygen exposure and lousy wine. 

Ensure the cork is always moist for the best results. 

  • Know that Wine Does Not Expire

Not all wine can stay for many years. Most wine does not exceed two years. Wine bottles lack an expiry date, but you should consume them within a short time. 

Kindly look for select varieties; suppose you want a wine to last ten years. Also, avoid storing wine in the kitchen to prevent strange odors. Wine uses the porous cork to breathe, explaining why you should keep them away from trash. 

Store corked wines away from spices like garlic or paint cans and instead look for a designated place away from other products. 

  • Avoid Storing in the Fridge 

It is acceptable to store wine in the fridge, but only for a short while. Keeping in the refrigerator exposes it to odors, and the compressor’s vibrations can also harm it. Fridge vibrations also affect the wine’s structure. Proper wine storage has many advantages, and the above article has discussed some.  

Final Thoughts 

Storing wine properly is essential if you want to increase its value. The above article has discussed how to keep it correctly, and more tips are available online.