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We all know just how inconvenient power outages can be, and that climate change is making prolonged power outages more common than ever before.

This is why it’s so crucial for homeowners all over America to consider investing in a whole house generator, and below we’ll be going over 10 important reasons why these home improvement investments might be important for you and your property!

No One Can Control Local Weather Patterns

The vast majority of prolonged power outages are connected to extreme weather patterns and events, and of course no one can ever control when these types of scenarios happen.

So because extreme weather has become increasingly less predictable, it’s subsequently become more important than ever for homeowners to be prepared with whole house generators.

Your Home Runs On Well Water

If your home has a well water system, then it won’t run properly without electricity. This means that your pump and filtration capabilities will be non-existent during outages, which will lead to unsafe drinking and bathing water throughout your house.

So if you have a well system, you simply have to get a whole house generator to protect your property from inevitable outages and unsafe water possibilities!

Your Home Has A Sump Pump

A lot of homes have sump pumps that help protect their crawlspaces and basements from potential flooding, but these crucial plumbing appliances won’t work during a power outage. This is why a whole house generator is necessary for any home with a sump pump, because keeping your sump pump running when it’s needed most during extreme storms can protect your property and your possessions from harm!

You’re A Remote Worker

A lot of people are working from home these days, and this means that your home’s electrical system is crucial for your professional productivity. You’ll likely be put in a precarious situation if your municipal power supply goes out, so having a whole house generator can protect you and your job.

This is even more important if you’re running your own business from your home, because your customers will be relying upon you to pick up the phone and speak to them online.

Avoiding Spoiled Food

The FDA has concluded that many food products need to be thrown out once a refrigerator has gone without power for more than four hours, and we all know that power outages very often last much longer than four hours.

This means that investing in a whole house generator can actually pay for itself during just one outage by being able to save you hundreds on wasted foods. And no one likes to throw out food just because they weren’t prepared for a prolonged power outage!

You Live In A Severe Climate With A High Risk Of Storms

There are plenty of geographic areas that are more prone to severe weather than others, and homeowners in severe climates need to be extra cautious of their electrical systems.

Investing in a whole house generator just so happens to be a safeguard against many types of serious storms, and it can give homeowners peace of mind in knowing that they’ll be protected when the going gets tough.

You Keep Your Home Vacant For Extended Periods

This commonly applies to a lot of snowbirds that have seasonal homes that they go to during the winter months, but it also applies to any frequent travelers.

If your home doesn’t have a generator while you’re away, then all sorts of issues can arise that you of course won’t be handling any time soon.

A Loved One Has An Electric Medical Device

Whole house generators are crucial for anyone in need of an electric medical device, because running out of power can potentially be catastrophic in these scenarios.

But you won’t need to worry about these alarming health crises ever occurring when you have a backup generator, because the generator will make sure that the medical device remains running during prolonged power outages.

You Own An Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are very popular these days, but your transportation capabilities will be put in jeopardy if you’re not capable of charging your car during a power outage.

So if you own an electric vehicle, you’ll also need to invest in a whole house generator to protect your car’s viability (without solely relying upon your municipality’s electric grid).

Contact The Experts At Yoder Electric To Learn How Your Home Can Benefit From A Whole House Generator!

Most homes throughout America need a whole house generator, and the above reasons are just the beginning in terms of just how much these crucial electrical appliances can support you and your household.

You can learn more about how your home can benefit from a whole house generator by speaking with the electrical experts at Yoder Electric via the link to their site at the top of the page!