Strong storms have become more common in Florida over the past few years. Some people ignore the threat to their homes and choose to ignore the bad news about severe weather. Worse, many people forget that their roof is the best line of defense against the elements. Your roof can fail at any time if it isn’t in good condition. It is important to prepare your roof for the next storm, especially if it is located in Florida.

How to Prepare Your Roof

Let’s face it, you don’t need to be an expert in roof maintenance to make sure your roof is prepared for the summer storms. You only need to follow a few simple maintenance steps. You can then relax knowing your roof is resilient to any weather conditions.

Examine Your Roof

Stormwater can put tremendous pressure on your roof. Any small leak could lead to serious structural damage and cause major problems. We recommend that you inspect your roof for holes and damage as well as missing or curled shingles. To inspect your roof professionally, you can use a binocular to see it from the ground.

Repair Existing Damage

A durable roof is essential if you are to weather the summer storms. Existing holes or missing shingles can only lead to more problems such as structural damage and indoor leaks. We recommend calling a roofing company to request a repair. You could end up causing more damage to your roof and even to your own health.

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Blocked gutters can block water from pooling on your roof and allow it to seep through shingles, fascia, and soffits. Your guttering can be damaged by the weight of wet debris, which can cause it to fall and break off. Cleaning your gutters is crucial.

Prune nearby trees

Make sure to trim all branches and dead trees that are near your roof. Broken tree limbs can cause roof shingles to crack and add weight to the roof structure. Branches can also damage the protective coating of your roof during severe storms.

Reexamine Your Warranty and Insurance Policy

Locating your insurance and warranty information can speed up the claims process in the event of a storm. Make sure your policy covers all roof damages. You should also check the warranty provided by your roof manufacturer. If you do not inspect and maintain your roof, some policies will be null.

Get professional help today!

If you want to feel safe and prevent costly repairs down the road, make sure your roof is in good condition. While you can do the preparations on your own, experts recommend calling a local roofing company. They will inspect and repair any damage to your roof. Professional roofers can inspect your roof and determine if replacement is best for you and your family.

Contact us today for more roofing tips and to schedule an inspection.

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