There are many wonderful ways in which you can use ceramic tiles for the bathroom and kitchen walls. You can use these tiles as backrests and backsplashes. However, a very interesting and unique twist that can be given to any wall is using ceramic mosaic tiles. Whilst mosaic tiles can be made of glass as well as stone, in this guide, we will be specifically talking about the benefits of ceramic mosaic tiles and also the many reasons that ceramic, in general, is an amazing backsplash option. So, let’s begin!

Ceramic Resists Water and Stains

What more would you want from a tile that you’re planning to use on the walls of your kitchen or bathroom? When installed in the kitchen as backsplashes, ceramic tiles do not catch stains. Whatever stains splatter on the tiles stays on the surface. Hence, the stain can be cleaned by simply wiping the surface with a cloth.

When installed in the bathroom walls as mosaic tiles, ceramic resists catching watermarks and scaling. Besides, ceramic mosaic tiles are resistant to water. Hence, no matter the condition, the walls will not be infested with moisture or humidity at all.

Ceramic Offers Astounding Patterns, Designs, and Colors

The Soligo backrests and bathroom mosaics from sellers such Ceramique au Sommet céramique cuisine are some of the most brilliant ceramic designs you’ll ever lay your eyes on. The colors could range from black to bright and brilliant blues, whites, and yellows. In fact, you will also be able to find multicolored options. Some other interesting twists are as follows:

  1. Ceramic Backsplashes that imitate bricks.
  2. Ceramic mosaic tiles with geometric and floral patterns.

Ceramic Offers Durability

High-quality ceramic tiles such as the Soligo range available at Ceramique au Sommet lasts for decades. Since these tiles don’t develop scratches and aren’t affected by stains either, their color, shine, texture, and grout, everything remains as good as brand new.

Ceramic Is the Least-Hectic Tiling Option

Cleaning the ceramic surface is very easy. No special solvent and no special treatment are needed. You don’t even need detergents on a daily basis to clean the ceramic tiles. Whatever dust you see on the surface stays on the surface only. It cannot creep inside the surface of ceramic whatsoever. Hence, mopping the tiles with a moist cloth is mostly enough to keep the walls clean.

In a nutshell, there’s no match to the benefits of ceramic tiles for kitchen and bathroom walls. All that you have to make sure is that the seller you’re buying from is as good as sellers such as Ceramique au Sommet in Laval and Montréal.

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