timber deck and house

Looking to build a deck in your yard? Need to know that it will be made from a durable material? If so then read on for some of the hardest timbers and best options out there. Your deck is going to be fully exposed to the elements throughout the year, which is why you have to pick the right kind of material in the beginning. In reality the toughest and most durable option for a deck is a metal like aluminum, but they just don’t like appealing in your yard. With this in mind it is better to focus on timber decking, and here are the materials which you should be looking to use.

Teak Timber Decks

One of the best hardwood options which you could consider for your decking is teak. This is a highly stable timber which offers excellent resistance to moisture, giving it durability. Teak is not only one of the most durable options, it is also one which looks beautiful thanks to its natural and unique patterns and characteristics.

Merbau Timber Decks

The natural dark brown color of merbau timber is what attracts many customers, so too does the fact that it is an incredibly resistant material which can be used for your deck. With this timber decking will last for many years without any issues, thanks to its termite resistance and the fact that it has such a low expansion rate. Not only is merbau tough, it is light and simple to work with, ideal for those of you building your own deck.

Composite Decks

If you opt for composite decking you are going to be looking at a material which requires minimal maintenance and which is highly resistant to pests, bacteria and moisture. Composite decking is created using wood fibers, bonding agents and some plastic, to create a strong, robust and lightweight material. Not only is this a durable option, other benefits of composite decking include unlimited color options, eco-friendly and you won’t get any splinters!

Yellow Balau Decks

This is a tropical wood which looks great in the back yard and which offers a great amount of resistance to the elements. In fact this material is frequently used in marine and coastal structures on account of its robust and stable qualities. Unlike merbau however, you will need to get professionals in to complete your deck build if you plan to use this timber, given its heavy weight and the challenge which it poses when cutting and positioning.

Spotted Gum Decks

Not only is this a great looking option for your timber decking, spotted gum is also highly durable and perfect for this kind of structure. The timber is termite resistant, fire resistant and if you maintain it well it is also stain resistant. This is a very dense hardwood which is actually relatively easy to work with. The best part about this timber is that it is one of the lowest priced options in this list, so if you are trying to save some money this could well be the best option.

Which material will you be using for your brand new timber deck? Let us know in the comments.