In the past, as long as 1800 BC back, steel and similar alloys were in use only for coins and statues, etc. It was in the 1870s when the second Industrial Revolution changed the whole concept, and Steel was introduced into the world as solid material for construction as well as big structures like modern-day jets and spaceships. 

Uses of Steel

Steel revolutionized the world with its numerous uses and exceptional properties like strength, durability, resistance, and low cost. 

From a small needle to big ships, trains, infrastructure, and cars, steel is the main product. The 11 percent Chromium makes it more resistant to oxidation and corrosion. 

  1. Long steel contributes to building bridges and power lines.
  2. Flat carbon steel is used in the manufacturing of major appliances.
  3.  Weathering steel helps in the manufacturing of outdoor sculptures and architecture.
  4. Stainless steel has been used in the manufacturing of cutleries, guns, surgical instruments, etc.

Steel in Construction Industry

Steel changed the whole concept of the construction industry due to its numerous uses like piling, micro-piling, road boring, tunneling bollards, water wells, fencing, and drainage. 

Some of the major uses of steel in the construction industry are enlisted below;

  1. Casing steel provides protection to our utility channels like gas, water, and electricity.
  2. Tubing pipes are the mainstream of fluid transportation. Stealth Pipe and Steel metal tubing services are the best in this regard in terms of their quality as well as customer care and satisfaction.
  3. Steel beams are the backbone of every building.
  4. Round steel bars provide tensile strength to the whole building.
  5. Steel angles are mainly the part of shelves etc.

How to Select the Best quality?

With such a competitive and developed market, it is very tricky to find someone providing the best quality of steel for construction purposes. 

Customer satisfaction is another variable to be kept in mind while making purchases. Customer services include exact measurement, welding, and cutting according to the project, which needs well-trained and skilled persons. 


Steel, as evident from the above discussion, is a crucial part of about every aspect of modern industry ranging from households to big ships, bridges, buildings, and infrastructures. 

A little bit of know-how about the quality, dimensions, and uses of each type of steel is a must for every individual before planning for any project. Much care needed to be taken while selecting the products to avoid any mishaps or disasters.