The world of storage units can be a complex one. There are many scandals, murders, thefts, and other sordid happenings. But, Greenbar Secure Storage is as pure as the snow.

Many television shows have been about storage units and the secrets they hold. (Greenbar Secure Storage does not have any secrets, but what you see is what you get, especially when it comes to pricing and information).

It is amazing to see what people keep in their units. Sometimes, there are precious artifacts. Sometimes, forbidden lovers send love letters. Sometimes, there is a dead body.

It’s not just inside the storage units that tells the story. Sometimes it’s the surrounding environment of the storage unit.

There are Storage Stories and Storage War Stories. This is a Storage War Story.

Although we’ve all heard the expression “Like mother and like son”, it is absurd.

Ventura’s storage facility manager said that Michael Bresnak was a loyal tenant who came to the facility every day.

However, there was a reason and it wasn’t good.

His family started to worry when Jeffery Korber disappeared. His daughter’s graduation was missed and they began to worry more. They filed a missing persons report. Mary Hannah, Kolber’s girlfriend and his living companion up to his disappearance, was also interviewed by police.

The case became cold after a few months.

The situation would get even more complicated when police were tipped off by a woman who claimed Hannah’s son, Michael Bresnak had called her asking if he could bury her body on her property. Naturally.

The woman refused and reported the incident to police. Police found a storage unit in the California town after much investigation. The door of one unit was opened and they saw a freezer. They found Korber’s corpse when they opened the freezer door. Later, it was revealed that Bresnak had murdered the man. Mary, his mother, did not comfort him or offer any wisdom. She did however help hide the body.

No one noticed any unusual odors because the freezer was plugged into.

The takeaway: Greenbar Secure Storage provides a wide range of storage options. You can store anything from personal items to large businesses. For extra inventory, documents and files, as well as furniture and merchandise storage, commercial and business storage is ideal. We can accommodate any business to meet their needs. We offer a variety of sizes and easy access. Extra-large units are available for service trucks and workspace storage. We also offer package delivery for business units.

Just, please. Please ensure that your package does not contain a corpse.

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