Whether you have a needle variety or broadleaf variety evergreen tree in your backyard, it needs extensive care for the first few years. During that time applying a suitable fertilizer helps you grow a healthy evergreen tree with thick foliage. After it grows up you can hire professionals to trim and shape the tree according to your needs. To do that you can search for “tree service near me”. Let’s check out the best fertilizer for evergreen trees:

The Fertilizers

  1. Scotts Evergreen Continuous Release Plant Food 11-7-7 – This is a slow-release evergreen fertilizer that can help you achieve fast growth within just one growing season. Since it is a slow-release you don’t need to worry about root burn from high doses of nitrogen. However, the fertilizer is appropriate for well-established evergreens that are planted on acid-rich and composted soil. 

While this isn’t a fit-for-all fertilizer, it is certainly loved by acid-loving plants. Apart from using it for your evergreen trees, you can also use it for gardens that have a pH value of 6.5 or lower. Use this fertilizer once every two months and you can expect lush green foliage with a strong and sufficiently formed root structure. 

Moreover, this fertilizer has a higher ratio of phosphorus and potassium. This allows your evergreen tree to have more blooms of hydrangeas and dogwood. To use this fertilizer, fill up a cup with it and spread it over a square foot of growing area. Feed that area with a drip line for two months and work the fertilizer granules around 3 inches into the topsoil. 

  1. Jobe’s Evergreen Fertilizer Spikes 13-3-4 – This slow-release fertilizer is a versatile one that can benefit all kinds of evergreens. It is pre-measured and has an optimized formulation to send nourishment to the roots consistently. After you apply this fertilizer for the evergreens it’s going to get the roots to enter a rapid phase of growth and formation. 

The foliage on your evergreens would also have thicker foliage. Use this consistently throughout the growing season and the leaves would stay a healthy shade of green throughout the winter. The best thing about this fertilizer is that it isn’t wasteful. There’s no run-off, it’s mess-free and it doesn’t release a strong odor. 

Applying this fertilizer just twice during the whole season is more than enough. You need to water the soil properly before you space the fertilizer spikes. Depending on the trunk diameter of your evergreen you may use anywhere from 1 to 3 spikes. 

  1. Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed Trees Food 18-6-12 – Miracle Go is a familiar brand for many gardeners. As the ratio suggests, it’s a nitrogen-heavy feed that continuously releases microbes and works its magic in the soil for up to 3 months. You get pretty blooms and healthy growth during the growing season. 

The fertilizer advertises that it can show results within just a couple of days for both potted evergreen plants and evergreen shrubs planted on un-composted soil. While it does a great job for regular evergreens, it works like a charm on acid-loving plants like azaleas. They bloom spectacularly. 

However, you should not use this fertilizer without thoroughly watering the soil. Otherwise, it will lead to rot burn. If you have potted evergreens, you can work around 2 tablespoons into the soil and for planted shrubs, you can add the recommended amount to the soil. After every application, make sure to water extensively. 

  1. Espoma Holly Tone Organic Fertilizer 4-3-4 – Unlike most other fertilizers, this one is unique since it is completely made from all-natural ingredients. This fertilizer is specially formulated to increase the fruit yield and blooms on your tree. If you have blueberry bushes or rhododendrons, this fertilizer can create flowery hedges and help them grow strong to stand up to the challenges of the harsh upcoming winter.  

The fertilizer comes in the form of granules that can work on a vast variety of plants. Application is also very easy. Before a downpour, you need to scatter the granules around your shrubs and plants twice in a growing season. For shrubs, stick to 1 cup for every foot of branch spread. For trees, you can measure the diameter of the trunk and use 1 pound for every inch. Use it once during spring and then cut down the dosage by half during the fall. 

  1. Vigoro Tree, Shrub Evergreen Plant Food 16-4-8 – This fertilizer is formulated to encourage growth volume, develop a strong root system and make the foliage more vibrant for a  long period of time. This fertilizer really helps your evergreen trees to face harsh winters without a lot of trouble. 

With an N-P-K ratio of 12-5-7, this formula is designed to improve soil conditions and the plant’s stress tolerance. This is an easy recommendation if your soil lacks nitrogen and you live in a climate with extreme temperature swings. To know if your evergreen trees are nitrogen deficient, check out the color of the leaves. If they are turning yellow or dropping, it’s a clear sign of nitrogen deficiency and this fertilizer can help fix it. 

  1. Miracle-Gro Miracid Plant Food 28-10-10 – Another formulated fertilizer for your acid-loving evergreens. The fertilizer truly works a miracle on your plants and justifies the brand name. If your soil is tested with a higher pH value, you can use this fertilizer to bring it down. The fertilizer is water-soluble and that means it can directly nourish through the foliage as well as the roots. Mix a tablespoon of this fertilizer in a gallon of water and apply it at the base of the plant. Keep up this bi-weekly routine throughout the growing season.   


As you can see, there are plenty of amazing options on the market for evergreen fertilizers. Applying them the right way will help with the Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium ratio and make your evergreen tree grow strong, lush, and healthy. After that, you can search for “tree service near me” and hire the right professionals to trim it.