You have chosen wedding lighting that is both beautiful and functional. It’s a great way to set the tone for the whole event and showcase all of the hard work you and your ideal vendor team have done in over the months leading up to it. That’s why prioritising it among other wedding decorations is essential. Whether you’re not sure how to begin or just need a little push in the correct direction, this lighting guide will be there for you.

Important Wedding Lighting Jargon to Know

When you start looking for lighting ideas or contacting potential vendors for pricing quotes, you should get acquainted with some crucial lighting terms. Doing so will guarantee that you and the lighting professionals are on the same page. There the wedding lights rental services are essential.

Overlay Colors

A coating of colour that covers the whole space yet doesn’t call attention to any one spot. It “washes” the whole room with the colour you choose, thus the name.

The Gobo lights

A custom-made stencil that, when illuminated, projects an image onto a surface such a wall, ceiling, or floor.


Drop lights, also known as suspender lights, are single light fixtures that hang down from the ceiling.

Suspended lights

These lights go by a variety of other names, including twinkle lights, fairy lights, bistro lights, and cafe lights, among others. These light strings have seen a surge in popularity in recent years due to their status as the most flexible and cost-effective way to illuminate any space.


As its name implies, this serves to shed light on the issue at hand. These lights are placed low to the ground to illuminate the floor, walls, and furniture with a kaleidoscope of colour.

Wedding costs often fall between When It Comes To Light

Wedding lighting costs may vary greatly depending on the specifics of each ceremony and reception. Your options are limited by your budget, the desired aesthetic, and the region you choose. These factors may vary widely from wedding to wedding, making it impossible to estimate a ballpark figure for wedding costs.

If you need recommendations for experienced lighting designers, your wedding planner or the venue organiser may help. When obtaining a price quote or meeting with a lighting designer, be sure to enquire as to whether or not the quoted price includes the cost of labour and delivery. This way, you can plan accordingly and avoid any unexpected expenses.

The Costs of Do-It-Yourself Methods Celebration Candles

Those who go for the DIY route should first assess what resources they already possess. Maybe you can illuminate your notion with candles or holiday lights that you have tucked away. It’s always smart to see whether friends, relatives, and neighbours have any spare bulbs lying around before buying more.