How to lay vinyl flooring in the bathroom?

Installing vinyl flooring is simple and will not take much time or effort. However, we want to briefly summarise what types of installation systems are available to you.

Lock installation:

 Install the floor in your bathroom easily

This installation eliminates the separation between the slats, thus preventing moisture or dirt from accumulating. However, no adhesive is required for this installation, and its format is designed to prevent it from being placed incorrectly.

Drop Lock: fast and secure

This installation method is just as fast and secure as the previous one. In addition, it offers us a durable solution, but at the same time, its mounting format allows us to install and uninstall it very quickly.

Glue installation for long-lasting results

The adhesive is required for this installation method. However, this does not reduce its effectiveness or the simplicity of its assembly. For example, placing this vinyl floor in your bathroom will give you the security of obtaining a long-lasting result that is resistant to use.

Tips and tricks for installing vinyl flooring in the bathroom

  • Measure well the number of square meters you need, considering that in a bathroom, there will be many irregularities caused by the toilet, the sink or the shower tray.
  • Prepare the old floor: remove irregularities and clean them properly, so the sheets lay well.
  • Acquire a little more material if you have to save corners or cutouts.
  • You can clean it with normal cleaning products or a damp mop.
  • If you have radiant heating in your home, check that the floor you choose is suitable.
  • Make sure that the floor where you install it is not porous since, in that case, you will not obtain as good or long-lasting results.


Vinyl flooring for stairs.

Opting for this type of material to decorate the stairs of any space is a safe bet. We will not only obtain a very comfortable alternative to a place but also be flexible and elegant simultaneously.

Putting vinyl flooring on the stairs – is it a good idea?

More and more people are deciding to place vinyl flooring on the stairs of their homes. This trend will allow you to give a special touch to the space and provide you with a quick and easy renovation.

Of course, before doing so, you should know if your stairs’ material is suitable for this type of flooring. It will not matter how the steps are. The important thing is that the surface is straight and non-porous. Otherwise, the material will not adhere the same way, and you will not get the stable and firm result that vinyl flooring provides.

Vinyl flooring is always a good option as it offers us many advantages that other types of flooring do not. For example, you can choose colourful and striking designs or models that imitate wood for a more rustic or traditional style.

 Which vinyl floors are best for stairs?

So, since we have opted for this option, how can we get the most out of that corner of your house? What is the best vinyl flooring option for stairs? Is there a certain type of soil that is best?

In reality, what you should look for the most in a vinyl floor is stability and ease of installation. However, you must think that these will be very busy areas and that they must be prepared to suffer the wear and tear of frequent use or resist strong impacts.

For example, our Kingdom series, the Legend collection or the Multiformat will provide you with dimensional stability and unique resistance. If you are also looking to improve the comfort of the tread, you can also choose to include an additional layer that acts as a cushion.

We also recommend that you take the latter into account. For example, what is the feeling you want to create in the environment of your home? Some types of vinyl flooring are warmer underfoot than others, like our Hotel Air Series.

Where to find the best vinyl flooring? 

We have various vinyl flooring collections ideal for bathrooms. They are non-slip, moisture resistant, easy to install and also specially created for this type of space.

We have prepared various alternatives so that you can choose the one that best suits your circumstances and personal tastes. We invite you to explore our catalogue and let yourself be inspired by our Linkfloor vinyl line.

In this way, with small details and in a simple way, you will have managed to create a unique atmosphere in your home.