Ipe wood may also be referred to as Brazilian walnut. This can be very beautiful and exotic wood that will come from South America. The dwelling within the wood is extremely strong and difficult that’s resistant against insects, weather, abrasion, and rot. And this is what can make it this type of amazing choice.

The colour of Ipe wood is brown that’s two occasions as dense since the majority of the forest you realize. It’s five occasions as hard. It’s the above characteristics which can make Ipe last this sort of extended time. In addition, one factor that makes it a good deal searched for after may be the natural splendor. Whether it loses its color, the very first shade can nonetheless be achieved by searching into that makes it better along with a cleaner. This really is frequently the most popular along with a less pricey option.

Reasons Why Ipe Decking Is Better | My Decorative


This wood is generally helpful backyard applications for example fencing, Siding, and furniture. The very fact it possesses a very extended existence outdoors can make it an excellent selection. In several applications, it could vary from 40-75 years. Pressure treated forest don’t last this extended and which makes it an incredible choice. If you wish to produce something want standing time, this can be truly the wood to meet your requirements.

Pros utilizing the timber

There are lots of main reasons why this method could be the finest. The traits within the timber are crucial stick out and for that reason is its beauty. A few from the greatest quality pros utilizing this method include:

Insect resistance

Fire and water-resistant

Ages gracefully


Lasts extended




Similar to other activities, the wood offers its cons including:

The very fact it’s heavy

The very fact it takes some pre-drilling or even hidden hardware for installation.

Reasons Why Ipe Decking Is Better | My Decorative


This is often wood and for that reason prices usually changes based on its quantity, availability combined with prevailing market conditions. You have to locate someone who can provide probably most likely probably the most huge discounts. You have to understand that the cost is generally greater in comparison with timer that’s pressure treated.


This wood is acquired in the tree known as Tabebuia. It’s indigenous to the Mexicans subtropics and to the tropics within the u . s . states. It is also found in Argentina and completely for that Caribbean. The very fact it may be sourced within the large area can make it easily available.

One good reason why the wood is really tough is it’s operational within the tropical regions. It’s the natural hardness along with the oils, that make it the very best wood that lasts a really extended time regardless of the environments.

This method is extremely suggested when you wish to make use of lumber outdoors.

The lumber industry is filled with shady brokers and dealers therefore you should uncover all there’s to understand to stay protected. You need to watch open for every type of misinformation.

Ipe could be a company that provides the very best Ipe wood at most effective prices. The orders which are shipped are transported out extremely fast along with the wood is acquired from sources which are very responsible. The client services may also be outstanding and you’ll certainly enjoy exchanging here.