Named after the French city La Rochelle, New Rochelle is a suburban town located in Westchester County, New York. The “Queen City of Sound” nickname pays respect to the city’s thriving and diversified community. Here, you will find lots of green spaces and a range of housing options, be it mansions, villas, townhouses, luxury apartments, and more. So, if you are seeking a place to call home, this town might be for you. Read on as this post explores why you should invest in New Rochelle real estate.

A Short Distance from New York City

New Rochelle is located 16 miles north of New York City, making it convenient for various economic and cultural opportunities. It provides a laid-back suburban lifestyle.

If you enjoy a good blend of peace and hustle and bustle, New Rochelle will impress you. Its rich history, year-round local festivals, and events are also worth checking out.

Property Values have Risen in Recent Years

If you are exploring homes for sale in New Rochelle, there is good news. Home values in the area have significantly appreciated in recent years, demonstrating that this can make an excellent long-term investment.

The typical household income in Westchester County is among the highest in the country. Besides, Westchester boasts a robust job market and numerous fantastic educational possibilities. The current median home value in New Rochelle as of September 2023 is $675,000, a 12% rise from last year.

Numerous Luxury Apartments Available

Recently, New Rochelle has experienced a rise in new developments, including condos and high-end apartment buildings. Most of these properties have great views of Long Island Sound and are close to most of the city’s amenities.

Not to mention, you will live within walking distance of public transportation, which may take you directly to New York City, neighboring cities in Westchester County, and beyond. If you are a young professional seeking a place to live, the luxury apartments in this area might be a great alternative.

Plenty of Housing Options

From multi-family residential complexes and mansions to villas, waterfront estates, and historic homes, New Rochelle has plenty of housing options. Most homes are either in Victorian or Colonial-style architecture.

Charming houses have fireplaces, wraparound porches, and stained glass windows. At the same time, there are houses with bigger lots that allow you more green area. The type of home you want will depend on your most important requirements and preferences. Talk to New Rochelle NY real estate agent Esti Winkler for help finding a home that checks all your boxes.

Numerous Transportation Options Available

New Rochelle is one of the locations from where you can readily access NYC and other areas. New Rochelle is served by two rail transportation networks, namely Amtrak and Metro-North Railroad.

The city is also close to three major airports, including Kennedy, Newark, and LaGuardia. For short commutes, you can also easily access Interstate 95 and get to anywhere within New Rochelle and its surroundings.

Buy Your New Rochelle Home with Esti Winkler

New Rochelle might be one of the nicest places to live in Westchester County. With so many alternatives to meet your budget, you are sure to find something. Contact Esti Winkler today to learn about the available property listings. As a real estate agent who understands the local market, Esti Winkler can help you find a home worth every buck by handling the entire home buying process for you, be it documentation, negotiations, and more.